6 Tips for a Successful and Fun Color Run

6 Tips for a Successful and Fun Color Run

I'm in love with color runs! I participated in my first one last month and there’s no other way I’d prefer to get 3.1 miles in (they’re usually 5k runs) than with tons of fun people, great music, and SO. MUCH. COLOR! 

These aren't intimidating because you truly can go at your own pace and so they’re great ice breakers if you’re thinking about doing a race but are nervous about everything big races mean.

Bring some friends, create some awesome memories, and take home colorful souvenirs.

If your first color run is on the horizon, these 6 tips are things I wish I’d have known before doing my first color run:

Color Run Tips:

1.    Bring a change of clothes and/or a towel for your car.  You don’t want to get that paint stuff on your seats, trust me!

2.    Wear as much white as you have and any other color you wear should be light.  Let that fun color show!

3.    Expect to take 2-3 showers or baths before all the color leaves your body’s surface.  Same with clothes – at least 2 washings to get it all out!

4.    Slow down as you run through color stations to maximize your color.

5.    Keep your mouth closed!  I saw some people with handkerchiefs as mouth guards.  Not for me – I don’t like to smell my own breath as I huff and puff – but to each their own. In any case, you don't want that stuff in your mouth.

6.    Bring some cheap sunglasses to keep the paint out of your eyes or if you forget, have some cash on hand to buy some at the run.

Pre-run color game is strong!

Pre-run color game is strong!

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